airplasma® guarantees excellent transfer of energy to tissues, transforming air into an ideal energy carrier in the form of plasma.
The temperature of dissipation on the target tissue is limited to 50°C.
airplasma® guarantees extreme flexibility of action, with extraordinary accuracy and precision.
These properties are the game-changers, allowing the technology to be used in applications that range from “soft” procedures in Aesthetic Medicine to the more high-powered field of Plastic Surgery.
Whichever purpose is pursued, airplasma® is a technology ready and waiting for you to explore!


airplasma® is directly produced from air, without any external inert gas source.

Air, which is naturally neutral and behaves as an electrical insulator, is transformed with airplasma® into an excellent energy conductor.

airplasma®, produced directly from air, can be seen as a glow.
airplasma® transfers its invaluable energy to tissue, for whatever purpose it may serve.

Application sectors

Aesthetic medicine
Aesthetic medicine
Plastic and<br>aesthetic surgery
Plastic and
aesthetic surgery

Whenever precision surgery is required