Oneyonis®. Unique, precise, fast and complete.
Oneyonis® is an invasive surgical medical device and is listed as Class IIb active plasma electrosurgical device that is based on the airplasma® technology.

The dimensions of the machine’s body are 25.5x21x11 cm.

Rated frequency 50 kHz

Maximum output power 13 Watts

Maximum signal amplitude: 2200 Volts p.p.

Power supply 100-240 Volts – 50/60 Hz


Oneyonis® operates at temperatures that are below 50°C and this minimises the damage caused to the tissues.


Touchless airplasma® technology for surface treatments

The plasma is produced by simply bringing the handpiece’s tip (electrode) close to the tissue.
This allows surface treatments.


Touch airplasma® technology for cutting and dissecting

Once the plasma has been produced, cutting and dissecting are carried out by touching the tissue’s surface while moving the electrode.
The skin’s incision shows a wound profile that can be compared with one that is produced by a cold blade, but showing significantly less bleeding and an extremely reduced thermal damage.
The thickness of the coagulative necrosis area is greater when using a high frequency electrosurgical scalpel for the incisions rather than when a plasma device is being used.

A choice of electrodes is available in a range of sizes and shapes for the various plasma surgery requirements. The electrodes’ diameters range from 0.3 mm up to 0.8 mm, while the length ranges from 18 mm to 125 mm.


Generates plasma directly from the air

Operates at temperature < 50 °C

Superficial external treatment, cutting and dissecting

Micro-control of cold plasma in action

No special protections are needed for the operator


Otech Industry Srl
Corso Felice Cavallotti, 60
15121 Alessandria (Italy)

Quality standard management according to EN ISO 13485:2016

International patent No. PCT/IB2014/061289

12 months warranty

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