oneyonis® is the “All-in-One” workstation based on the airplasma® technology.
It enables a vast range of operations in Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, venturing also into Precision Surgery: the same performance could only otherwise be achieved by combining a number of different tools and technologies.


With oneyonis®, all treatment technologies can be performed, also alternately during the same session:

surface or depth ablation

tissue regeneration and stimulation


All this is possible with a lightweight and portable practical device. When it is needed, where the need arises.
oneyonis® allows the surgeon to control and calibrate constantly (as required) the energy flow of airplasma®: from gentle and subtle intervention on tissues, up to ablation or gradually more intense cutting/dissection, exploiting its extraordinary power.

The doctor may further enhance dexterity:

  • by using a lightweight, extremely haptic, handle
  • choosing from a wide range of electrodes for every requirement or application.

Low running costs of oneyonis® and the efficacy of airplasma® make the All-in-One workstation ideal for activity in Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology, and Plastic Surgery. Lightweight and portable, for use anywhere at any time.
oneyonis® does not require the use of any personal protective equipment.

A wide range of applications

Aesthetic Medicine

The possibility of continuously adjust the flow of airplasma® is appreciated because it allows treatments ranging from tissue stimulation and regeneration to more traditional ablative uses.


Ideal for the treatment of skin conditions which require highly effective therapy and  excellent aesthetic results.

Plastic Surgery and Precision Surgery

these are the areas in which oneyonis exploits the extraordinary performance of airplasma®: maximum operating temperature of 50° C; necrotic zone limited to a maximum of 200-300 microns! Its ability to operate on tissue with the same precision as a scalpel enables optimal results without collateral thermal damage, resulting in shorter healing times.

There is also a wide range of electrodes to fully exploit the performance of oneyonis®. Furthermore, as light as an artist’s brush, the handle offers a strong haptic sensation in all conditions, at all times.
Maximum control even when wearing gloves.


It produces plasma directly from the air

It works at temperatures under 50°C

Everything you need, when you need it, where you need it

Minimum invasiveness, maximum efficacy

No personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary

Medical device bearing the CE marking

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